The Billing Media Convertor (BMC) application is designed to download AMA billing data over a IBM 3780 BISYNC data link from Siemens Stromberg-Carlson Digital Central Office (DCO) telephone switches through the Binary Synchronous Communication (BISYNC) Cnetral Office Data Collector (CODC) interface. Advanced Relay's implementation conforms to the BMC specification as described in the BISYNC CODC Host Collector Interface OLS-2020-001 dated April 18, 1991.

Legacy BMC over IBM 3780 BISYNC Setup
Legacy BMC over IBM 3780 BISYNCB Setup

Advanced Relay has ported its BMC implementation to run on the PXS. For this application, the PXS is directly connected to a telephone switch as a front-end processor. Using IBM 3780 BISYNC, it downloads billing records from the switch and forwards them to a remote file server over TCP/IP where the records are written to disk. All of the details related to IBM 3780 BISYNC and the BMC protocol are handled inside the PXS. During operation, the PXS logs its activities to a remote log server.

PXS running BMC with Remote File Server
PXS running BMC with Remote File Server