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Developer Support Services

We are professionals in data and customer communication with an impeccable track record: all of our customer installations (large or small) have been successful! We will work with you through to the completion of your project and guarantee you the support you need. Your success will also be our success.

Presales Support

Often we are contacted by customers who are not the end-user of our products. We do provide limited pre-sales support and we will help you securing the business. We offer:

  • Email support
  • Conference calls
  • Online documentation including manuals, standards, graphics and presentations
  • FTP downloads and web links
  • Evaluation units

Development Support

Advanced Relay offers developers of LayGO® applications support for 3 or 12 months. During that time developers can get phone and/or Internet support. LayGO® provides several test programs in both executable and source code. These sample programs demonstrate how to build applications using the LayGO® API and its utilities.

We can provide:

  • Configuration Support
  • Remote Data Line Monitoring

Test Tools

In the case of customization or the development of a new driver, protocol, or special application, Advanced Relay develops test tools that will allow you to verify the work we do.

Installation Support

Support is critical during installation at the developer's customer site. It is during this phase that our help is most often required. Most communication problems are caused by incorrect cable layout or clock configuration, or are related to misconfigured protocol parameters. Here it is of utmost importance to have a suitable protocol analyzer to capture a communication session. If the developer or the customer doesn't have a suitable protocol analyzer, Advanced Relay may be able to provide one. In some cases remote is the most efficient. We can use either GoToMyPC or VPN connections. We also offer on-site installation support.

Acceptance Testing

X.25 data network providers in general do not require certifications any longer. Nevertheless, there is a requirement to ensure that our product is compatible with the used X.25 network and the associated equipment. For other X.25 networks, as well as for other protocols, passing acceptance tests will normally suffice. Advanced Relay can help you to obtain acceptance or verification.

Contact us by phone or e-mail to discuss your support and maintenance requirements.

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