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Company Profile Founded in 1982, Advanced Relay is a specialist in data communications. First to introduce an X.25 toolkit for the PC in 1984, the popular PC.25™, Advanced Relay continues to develop new products and tools to satisfy the data transport needs of our customers. Advanced Relay's tools are used in current communications technology or when integrating old technologies to new networks. Our products support multiple operating systems and hardware platforms. They are targeted to a wide range of developers and integrators who use them to collect and distribute data throughout their networks.

Advanced Relay's strength lies in its technical expertise and the high level of support we offer our customers. Our multilingual staff is prepared to assist our worldwide customers with their data communications projects. From project launch to successful completion, Advanced Relay is there for you!

Products and Services Advanced Relay's products support error-free and high-speed point-to-point communication through the services of Public Switched Telephone Networks (PSTN) or dedicated lines. The real strength of Advanced Relay's products lies in point-to-multipoint connections through the services of public or private Packet Switched Data Networks (PSDN), such as TCP/IP, X.25 and Frame Relay.

In addition, Advanced Relay provides consulting services, such as software porting, customization and certification, to facilitate the integration of our products into customers' systems.

Target Markets Advanced Relay's products provide connectivity in the banking and financial systems industry; telecommunications; aeronautics, space and defense; weather information systems; air traffic control; library information systems and others.
Customer Profile Advanced Relay's primary customers are system integrators of PC-based complete solutions requiring WAN connectivity. These integrators provide solutions for third party or in-house users. See our partial customer list.
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Corporate Identity Advanced Relay is a privately held corporation incorporated in Oregon in 1988. The company was originally founded in California in 1982. We are located in Eugene, Oregon.
What's in a Name? Ancient relay. Relaying information has always been essential to civilization. As settlements dispersed across wider areas, more specialized methods of relay were required. Before travel by horseback was known, relay runners were used. Script rolls sealed in clay pouches or wooden batons were passed from hand to hand through a network of runners. The news of the stunning defeat of the Persians by the Greeks in the battle of Marathon was relayed to Athens by runner, as was the news of the arrival of the Spaniards in Mexico to the Aztec emperor Moctezuma.

Advanced relay. Today's packet switching data networks (PSDNs) use the same concept: Electronic packets are passed from node to node where they are routed to their destinations. Links between nodes can be wires, fiber, radio or satellites. Most networks support TCP/IP, X.25 and Frame Relay protocols. To access any of these networks from a computer system, compatible hardware and software must be used. Since 1983 Advanced Relay has been providing the hardware and software tools necessary to relay data using the packet switching model through networks based on current, past, and hybrid technologies. From PC.25™, our first X.25 toolkit launched in 1984, to our 2004 PXS (Protocol eXchange Server), Advanced Relay has been helping customers integrate data transport to their applications with efficiency and reliability. Advanced Relay's team will help you analyze your system, layout a solution, implement it and maintain it. We support your team to your project's completion.

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