Hardware Issues

LayGO for RTX ports the hardware drivers to run inside the RTX subsystem. In order for the RTX driver to take control of PnP devices (such as PCI cards) in Windows 2000/XP, the devices must be converted to RTX devices. The procedure for doing this is described in the RTX Runtime Documentation in the chapter called Managing Devices in the Converting a Windows PCI Device to an RTX Device section.

The LayGO for RTX drivers expect that the IRQ assigned to each card will be Device Exclusive. A separate IRQ must be assigned to each device managed by a LayGO for RTX driver.

Unlike the normal LayGO drivers for Windows, the LayGO for RTX drivers do not read their configuration data from the Registry. The application must include an SDLC Hardware profile when configuring the stack. The configuration files in the cfg directory of the LayGO for RTX distribution contain SDLC Hardware configurations.