API Modifications

LayGO for RTX is implemented using version 3.10 of the LayGO API. If you are using a previous version, you will need to make some minor changes to your code.

  1. LayGO type names are now prefixed with a capital L. For instance, the former type Result is now LResult.
  2. LayGO constants are now prefixed with lgo_. For instance, PROTOCOL_X21_BIS is now lgo_PROTOCOL_X21_BIS and ERROR_INVALID_CID is now lgo_ERROR_INVALID_CID.

The meaning of the function calls and constants has not changed. You should not need to make any substantative changes to your code.

The other change is a reorganization of the .cfg file format. The .cfg file editor is now called edcfg.exe and is located in the bin\win32 directory. You should create any .cfg files for LayGO for RTX applications using edcfg.