The standard LayGO API provides communications services to stand alone programs running on the same PC in which the communications hardware is installed. While this is adequate for many applications, the LayGO Toolkit also includes a Remote Procedure Call (RPC) enabled version of the API and RPC protocol stack servers which support distributed applications. These components allow several LayGO client programs to access a protocol stack and communications hardware on either the local host PC or any PC connected to it on a Local Area or Wide Area Network.

This manual explains how to install, configure and use LayGO RPC Servers and how to build LayGO RPC Clients.

RPC Standards

Several incompatible remote procedure call standards exist. However, the version of RPC adopted by the Open Software Foundation (OSF) for its Distributed Computing Environment (DCE) is an open standard which is widely implemented and can run over almost any available network protocol. The RPC implementation provided by Microsoft Corporation as part of the Windows operating systems is DCE-compliant. In addition, a DCE-compliant RPC is available for a wide variety of UNIX systems from Transarc Corporation. The use of DCE-compliant implementations of RPC insures interoperability across hardware platforms and operating systems.

LayGO RPC is implemented exclusively using DCE-compliant RPC.