The Protocol eXchange Server is a very flexible embeded system. It can be seen as a specialized communications computer system, specifically designed to convert (exchange) between TCP/IP and Synchronous protocols.

This manual explains the LayGO PXS applications currently available, their use and configuration:

All these are LayGO applications that use standard configuration files (see the LayGO Configuration Manual for a detailed description of LayGO configuration). The LayGO Configuration section explains the tools to create and edit configuration profiles and to download them to the PXS.

Some PXS applications require a redundant "hot-standby" capability. The PXS Heartbeat Monitor provides a general mechanism to support this.

Large PXS applications deployments can benefit from an auto configuration capability. The PXS Auto Configuration application provides a general mechanism to do this.

Finally, PXS applications can send messages to remote servers and can be remotely monitored and controlled. These capabilities are explained in: