RedBoot Command Summary

Note: To execute a command, only the unique prefix of the command needs to be entered. For instance, the letter v can be entered to execute the version command, since it is the only command which begins with a v. In contrast, the letters ad are needed to execute the advanced command, since there are two other commands that begin with a, agent and async.

When a command requires the option enable or disable, only a unique prefix is required, for instance, e or d.

Command Description
advanced Start default application
agent [enable|disable] Show/set SNMP agent enable
apps Show name and version of installed applications
async [enable|disable] Show/set async port enable
auto [enable|disable] Show/set auto configuration enable
cfg [clear|factory] Show/clear static configuration
community [<community>|clear] Show/set SNMP community
contact [<contact>|clear] Show/set SNMP contact
default [<application>] Show/set default application name
dhcp [enable|disable] Show/set DHCP enable
dns [<dns server>] Show/set DNS server address
domain [<domain name>|clear] Show/set DNS domain name
environment [<environment>|clear] Show/set application environment
exit Exit RedBoot telnet session and reset
facility [<facility>] Show/set syslog facility
features [<features>] Show/set licensed features
ftp [<ftp server>] Show/set FTP server address
help [-v][<command>] Display help for RedBoot commands
heartbeat [enable|disable] Show/set heartbeat enable
host [<host name>] Show/set host name
http [<http server>] Show/set HTTP server address
idle [<30-3600 seconds>] Show/set telnet idle timeout
ip [<address> [<mask> [<gateway>]]] Show/set IP address configuration
laygocfg [list] | [load [-h <host>][<image>]] List/load LayGO configuration files
license [<license>|clear] Show/set PXS software license
location [<location>|clear] Show/set SNMP location
log [<log server>] Show/set Log server address
logging [enable|disable] Show/set logging enable
mac Show Ethernet MAC address
model Show model number
monitor [enable|disable] Show/set monitor enable
ntp [<ntp server>] Show/set NTP server address
options [<options>|clear] Show/set application options
password [<password>|clear] Set/clear password
ping <IP address> Send ICMP echo requests
primary [enable|disable] Show/set primary enable
reboot Reboot the system to the default application
reliable [enable|disable] Show/set reliable enable
reset Reset the system
revision Show hardware revision
script [<script>|clear] Show/set configuration script
serial Show PXS serial number
smtp [<smtp server>] Show/set SMTP server address
snmp [<snmp server>] Show/set SNMP server address
standby [<standby server>] Show/set Standby server address
tag [<tag>|clear] Show/set logging tag
telnet [disable|enable] Show/set RedBoot telnet server enable
tftp [<tftp server>] Show/set TFTP server address
timeout [<0 or 5-255 seconds>] Show/set bootloader timeout
trap [enable|disable] Show/set SNMP trap enable
update [enable|disable] Show/set update configuration enable
utc [<offset>] Show/set UTC offset
version Display RedBoot version information
virtual [<virtual server>] Show/set Virtual server address
web [enable|disable] Show/set Web server enable
RedBoot Support Commands

Note: The commands listed below should be used only on the instruction of Advanced Relay Technical Support. Improper use of these commands may render the PXS inoperable.

Command Description
control [enable|disable] Show/set PXS control enable
debug [enable|disable] Show/set debug port enable
disable Disable default application loading
dump [-l <length>] -b <location> Hex dump a range of memory
file [<start address>] Show/set file system start
fis <command> (see table below) Manage images in FLASH
gdb [enable|disable] Show/set GDB enable
go [-w <timeout>][entry] Execute code at a location
load [-r][-v][-h <host>][-m <tftp|xmodem|ymodem>][-b <base address>] <file name> Load a file into RAM
The -r option loads a raw binary image
The -v option shows progress while loading
read [-w] <location> Read a memory location
write [-w] <location> <value> Write a memory location
run <image> Run an image from FLASH
RedBoot FIS Commands

Note: The commands listed below should be used only on the instruction of Advanced Relay Technical Support. Improper use of these commands may render the PXS inoperable.

Command Description
fis create [-b <base>][-l <image length>][-s <data length>][-f <flash address>][-e <entry>][-r <ram address>][-n] <name> Creates an image in FLASH from data in RAM
fis delete <name> Removes an image from FLASH
fis erase -f <flash address> -l <length> Erases an area of FLASH
fis free Shows which areas of FLASH are not in use
fis help Displays help for FIS commands
fis init [-f] Initializes FLASH
fis list [-c] List images in FLASH and information about them
The -c option displays image checksum instead of memory address
fis load [-b <base>][-c] <name> Loads an image from FLASH to RAM
The -c option displays the image checksum