LayGO for Java provides full access to the LayGO API from Java applications on supported platforms. It contains the following components:

LayGO for Java Components
LayGO Java Native Interface (JNI) Module Platform specific component (DLL for Win32 or shared object for Unix) which exports JNI function declarations for the LayGO API to the Java runtime environment.
laygopkg.jar Contains package files (Java classes, image and auxiliary files including Jtdrv and Stdrv) for the advancedrelay Java packages:
  • advancedrelay.laygo
  • advancedrelay.util
  • advancedrelay.jtdrv
  • advancedrelay.stdrv
Contains javadoc-style Java class documentation for the classes in laygopkg.jar.
Java source code and makefiles for the classes in laygopkg.jar.

LayGO for Java is currently available for the following platforms:

The entire LayGO for Java distribution is contained in laygojni.jar. See Installing LayGO for Java for installation instructions.

Note: Java native threads (with THREADS_FLAG=native) are required to run LayGO for Java on Linux.