This guide contains information about the communications boards supported by the LayGO Toolkit and the associated cable layouts. This information supplements, but does not replace, the information provided in the hardware vendor's manual.

The hardware characteristics which are relevant to correctly configuring the LayGO driver are given for each board. Those which are listed as jumper selected or dip switch selected must be manually configured on the board before installing the board in the PC, and the settings must be passed to the LayGO driver via the SDLC hardware configuration (or through entries in the Windows Registry). Those which are listed as software selected need only be configured via the LayGO driver's SDLC hardware configuration (or in the Registry). Those listed as PnP (Plug and Play) require no configuration. The settings are assigned by the BIOS and communicated to the LayGO driver by the operating system.

Some board characteristics are configurable using different hardware components, primarily the board's electrical interface. These are listed as daughter board selected or cable adapter selected. These items are configured solely by installing the hardware component. No configuration of the LayGO driver is required.