GoAhead Web Server

The default application that comes with the PXS has an onboard web server that is based upon the GoAhead WebServer version 2.1, which is a fully featured, open source web server.

If the password has been set on the PXS, the user will be prompted to enter a user name and password to access the web server. The user name is laygopxs.

The web server allows you to view and modify the configuration parameters of the PXS. It also allows you to reset or reboot it. If the PXS is reset, it will boot to Redboot, and if timeout is not 0, then after the timeout expires, the default application is loaded and run. If the PXS is rebooted, the PXS resets and then immediately loads and runs the default application without waiting for the timeout to expire.

To access the web server, the application which contains the web server must be running on the PXS. Then using a web browser, enter the following as the URL:

http://<PXS's IP address>

The page displayed on the browser will look similar to this:

PXS GoAhead Web Server Main Page
PXS GoAhead Web Server Main Page

The PXS has a running configuration that it is currently using. Any changes to configuration values done through the web server will not take effect or be reflected in the web server's running configuration until the PXS is reset.

By default, the web server listens on the standard HTTP port, TCP port 80. It can be configured to use a different port using the environment RedBoot command. For instance, to configure the server to listen on port 8080, at the RedBoot prompt, enter:

RedBoot> env HTTPPORT=8080

Then, using a web browser, you would enter the following as the URL to access the onboard web server:

http://<PXS's IP address>:8080